Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lentil Mini-loaves

You will discover that lentils are one of my very best friends. They go SO well in so many things! They are super cheap and high in protein. They have a mild flavor, so they can take on the other flavors of the dish rather than making everything taste like, well, lentils. This is a great dish when you want something to go alongside potatoes and veggies. It's something you can eat when you want that "down home" style meal in front of you. This recipe is my very own, but there are many on the internet that are very similar. If you think I've copied yours, I'm very sorry. I really did play with this endlessly to get it just right to suit my tastes.


1 cup lentils, rinsed and sorted
1/2 onion, diced
1 cup oatmeal
4 tbsp milled flax seed
1-2 gloves of garlic, minced
Ketchup, salt, and italian seasoning to taste

Cook lentils until very tender, drain. Preheat oven to 350*. Saute onion and garlic in a little oil for 3-5 minutes. Mash lentils and combine with oatmeal in a large bowl. Add garlic, onion, salt, ketchup, flax seed, and seasoning. Mix with your hands and press mixture into a greased muffin tin. Top with extra ketchup. Bake for 30 minutes. Let sit 10 minutes before serving. Makes about 10-12 loaves.

I prefer mini-loaves, but you can certainly do it the traditional way, in a loaf pan. You can also use rice instead of oatmeal, but I feel rice doesn't hold it together nearly as well.

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